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The Cell Battery Goes Dim

I have had covid several times since 2020 and had EBV back in the 90's, and the hardest part of these scourges is the fatigue that can sometimes last for many months, and sometimes years. Many of my clients are reporting this long haulers fatigue to me. It's debiliating, but there is help! Let's lay all of this out first... Mitochondria are like tiny power plants inside our cells, providing the energy needed for our bodies to function. They convert the food we eat into energy, which our cells use to do everything from moving our muscles to thinking and breathing. Without healthy mitochondria, our cells wouldn’t have the energy to do their jobs, and our bodies wouldn’t work properly.

When a virus like COVID-19 enters our bodies, it looks for ways to take over our cells so it can make more copies of itself. During this process, the virus can damage our mitochondria. One way it does this is by directly attacking the proteins in the mitochondria, causing them to stop working correctly. Another way is by causing oxidative stress, which means producing harmful molecules that can damage the mitochondria’s DNA and structure.

This damage to the mitochondria is a big problem because these tiny power plants are also important for our immune system. They help our body fight off infections by producing signals that activate our immune response. When the mitochondria are damaged, our immune system doesn’t work as well, making it harder for our bodies to fight the virus. This can lead to more severe symptoms and complications.

Other viruses, like the flu, hepatitis C, and HIV, also target mitochondria. They use similar tactics to COVID-19, damaging the mitochondria to create an environment where they can replicate more easily and hide from our immune system. By doing so, these viruses can cause long-term health issues because the cells are left without enough energy and the immune system is weakened.

One of the supplements I use is called Power Pill by Zorex. I have noticed an increase in my energy level. The key in this formulation is the proprietary blend of ALA, CoQ10 and other ingredients. These help to rebuild the mitochondria. If you are interested in obtaining this product, contact me through this website and I can tell you how to order directly through Zorex. Kim @ Wellness For Life, Inc.

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