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Setting Your Goals

Setting your goals for 2024! (Free Planner Link Below...)

Macro goals - What are the things that you want to accomplish and see come to pass this year. This is the big picture and can include many different things. Write these down! These are not for other people to see, because when you start sharing your big dreams and visions, invevitably someone will try to rain on your parade and then you quit.

Micro goals - This is breaking down your macro goals into the steps needed in order to accomplish them. Chunk it up. Pieces. You can't accomplish any macro goal without seeing how the pieces and parts will go together.

Break your goals down by the month and then by the week.

The first step is planning out each month. For example, I know that in January I have to get all of my receipts and spreadsheets ready for the accountant. My goal for January is to get this done! I can also have other goals for that month too. We can multi-task!

The next step is weekly planning. So on Sunday or Monday plan it out on paper. What are you going to do each day this week to accomplish your goals? How many hours are you going to set aside? These little steps will eventually bring your macro goals to fruition. Each may take a different amount of time, of course.

No matter how you do it, JUST DO IT. Getting what's stuck in our minds and down on paper always makes the plan easier to follow. We need to SEE the goals and lists, not just think them.

So spend some time today writing out your macro goals for 2024!!!

Get started with this first step...

Download this FREE PDF Planner!


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