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A plant-based, immune-supportive diet plan designed to minimize nutrition-related side effects during cancer treatment.

Cancer treatments often come with side effects that make cooking and eating a challenge. This approachable plan contains simple meals and snacks to help clients increase calorie and protein intake. It provides the proper nutrients and foods to mitigate nutrition-related side effects, help the body rebuild tissue, and boost energy and strength.



Grape & Coconut Protein Chia Pudding

35 minutes · 6 ingredients

Tofu Breakfast Quesadilla

15 minutes · 8 ingredients

Creamy Coconut Yogurt Oats with Peaches

8 hours 10 minutes · 7 ingredients

Whole Grain Crackers with Edamame

10 minutes · 2 ingredients

Apple with Peanut Butter

3 minutes · 2 ingredients

Roasted Edamame

45 minutes · 3 ingredients

Grapes & Walnuts

3 minutes · 2 ingredients

Simple Vanilla Protein Shake

5 minutes · 3 ingredients

Carrot, Hummus & Arugula Wrap

5 minutes · 5 ingredients

Blended Butternut Squash, Apple & Quinoa

20 minutes · 5 ingredients

Crackers & Hummus

Plant Based Cancer Support Diet PDF E-Book

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