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Sometimes it's hard to make a 3 month comittment to a program and our Elite Coaching Program is pretty involved, but so worth it!  But... I am offering  my shorter Jumpstart Coaching Program for 8 Weeks  to help give you some guidance and get you started on your road to health. I have coached over 600 clients over the past few years. 

What does the Jumpstart Coaching Program Include?
1. Intial consultation phone call. 
2. Guidance on your eating and workouts through email and Voxer. 
3. Access to me Tues and Fridays, 9-5 Eastern,  through Voxer.  You will need to download the Voxer app. This is like a walkie-talkie and you can ask me questions, give feedback. Etc. This is a great way to stay in close contact. 
4. Google doc for tracking.
5. You can choose 5 of my PDF Recipe books. 
6. Custom workout plan.
7. Phone call check in at 4 weeks and 8 weeks. 
8. I need your committment for 8 weeks. 
9. Private FB Group. 

When you order this program, I will be in touch with further instructions!

Let's Do This TOGETHER! My part is to be available and coach you. Your job is to follow the plan and check in with me often! TEAMWORK IS KEY!

Here are some of the things that my clients have noticed as they have gone through this program:
-see toned body in mirror, from slimmer arms, legs and waist
-zip up the dress I dreamed of wearing and looking good in it
-see less puffiness on face in the mirror
-determined and this mindset is touching everything else I want to accomplish at the moment
-never hungry again
-always looking forward to the next meal
-motivated to cook
-feeling good and positive since the program is working (unlike many tried before)
-enjoy exercising again
-zipped up old jeans this morning
-not craving sugary drinks
-better skin.. no acne anymore-work pants feel more comfortable-better skin tone, more even and glowing…I hardly wear makeup anymore.
-more energy
-less bloating
-less stress
-weight and inches lost
-desire to continue with the program
-workouts are much more fun
-in control of my body for the first time
-less negative thinking
-confidence trending upward
-weight going down
-enjoying healthy food I am eating
-better mood-able to lift heavier weights at the gym
-able to enjoy eating food with my family without feeling guilty
-learned not to give up when I have a bad day
-learning new habits that will stay with me on the long run
-tracking my food all the time and not just when I feel like it
-clothes fit better
-positive mental energy
-feeling of being trim
-like myself better
-feel healthier
-enlightening outlook on a new life style
-mindfulness and awareness has improved
-gut feels better
-drive to keep going to see my progress

TESTIMONY: I just wanted to share my stellar experience with Coach Kim. She is one of the healthiest, most supportive, intuitive and spiritually intelligent people I have ever met. Her program helped me immensely and I recommend her without hesitation. Her knowledge of nutrition, exercise, her understanding around hormones and the challenges women face were invaluable. I am very grateful to have had the chance to work with Kim. She is a true gem!! I can honestly say I am better for the experience of working with her!

If you want to jump on a phone call to discuss with me if this program is right for you, please send a message!

(All Sales Final. No refunds. )

Jumpstart Coaching Program 8 Weeks

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