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Health begins in the gut.
It's time to get healthy!!

Learn about the foundations of a healthy digestive system and how to turns things around. 

There are 12 Modules in this PDF E-Book Course. 

Module 1: The Start of Something Beautiful
Module 2: The Gut Microbiome
Module 3: Nutrition for Gut Health
Module 4: Leaky Gut Syndrome & Inflammation
Module 5: Food Sensitivities & The Elimination Diet
Module 6: Common Gut Concerns
Module 7: The Gut-Brain Axis
Module 8: The Beauty of Dirt
Module 9: The Impact of Sleep & Rest
Module 10: Stress & Your Gut
Module 11: Active Living & Gut Health
Module 12: Creating Lifelong Habits to Support Gut Health
BONUS: 31 Gut-friendly recipes

If you decide to do the personal 1:1 coaching after your finish the Wellness Workshop, I will be here for you! Click the SERVICES link at the top of our website.

Contact me at with any questions!

Enjoy the Program!

​​​​​​​***NOTE: ALL SALES FINAL. No Refunds. This program is exclusively for anyone who purchases. This PDF E-book is not to be sold or given away.

Gut Wellness Workshop

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